What is it?


YouthPedia was launched by Be The Change Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the goal to encourage entrepreneurship in younger generations. The purpose of YouthPedia is to build a digitized multimedia library for youth all over the world, providing free supplemental reading to broaden their knowledge, cultivate early-age interests, and serve as a tool to learn languages.


How does it work?


All of the books were originally created by high school, middle school, and college students. We provide resources and systems for students to collaborate from different ends of the globe and practice their creativity and leadership skills. Students write books based on topics of their interests, covering a broad range including science, literature, geography, history, fiction, and so on. YouthPedia serves as an opportunity for their work to be published!


Beyond Being a Creator


Youthpedia is also a fantastic way for students to explore and experience various roles in a start-up company, everything from marketing, operations, fundraising, design, to leadership positions as executives. We teach young people to aim for a successful and fulfilling life by finding their strengths to reach their fullest potential. It is a platform for younger generations to empower one another.


What can you benefit?


1.  Receive mentorship on writing, illustration, design and video editing

2.  Establish a portfolio for college and job applications

3.  Earn volunteer hours

4.  Recruit friends to build their own teams and branches

5.  Get free leadership training

6.  Get recommendation letters

7.  Get internship opportunities

8.  Win Scholarship and Presidential Volunteer Service Awards


Join as a Creator


Intern Application for K-12 Students